Background & Asset Investigations
• A comprehensive analysis of a business or individual’s assets, to include hidden assets, bogus assets, shadow banking methods and offshore bank accounts
• Nanny checks, to include criminal checks and comprehensive background investigation
• Potential tenant checks, to include criminal, credit and financial worthiness analysis
• Pre-Employment checks

Domestic Investigations
• Infidelity, divorce, child custody, missing persons, probate, stalking and harassment

Judgement Recovery

• Comprehensive financial and asset investigations in order to recover lost or stolen assets or secure legal attachments through liens, levies or garnishments.      

• For individuals who suspect they may be under physical or technical surveillance

Security Consulting
• Comprehensive review of potential security vulnerabilities relating to your residential property, to include application of Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) concepts


• 24/7 discreet surveillance with state of the art digital evidence

Process Serving

• Service of complaints, subpoenas, summons, and other legal documents in New York and New Jersey

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