Event Security

All safety and security aspects of the event venue

Security strategies 

Risk assessment 

Threat and vulnerability protection

Background Investigations

• Comprehensive background investigations on potential partners, clients, customers, tenants and other business entities, including criminal and financial checks
• Pre-Employment background investigations, screening and interviewing, to include reference checks

Corporate Due Diligence
• Supply chain or third-party due diligence involves efforts undertaken to investigate potential or existing business partners that are essential suppliers to your business. Third parties include suppliers, distributors, agents, advisors and consultants. This type of due diligence applies both up and down the supply chain. Any third-party business partner or supplier is a potential corruption or fraud risk to your business.

• Background investigations for Mergers & Acquisitions 

• 24/7 discreet surveillance with state of the art digital evidence

Business Traveler Preparation
• Protection of corporate proprietary information and intellectual property from the realities of economic espionage during both domestic and foreign travel for business or pleasure

Judgement Recovery

• Comprehensive financial and asset investigations in order to recover lost or stolen assets or secure legal attachments through liens, levies or garnishments.    

Contract Compliance

• Intellectual property usage, trademarks, activity checks, mystery shopping, and monitoring of non-compete agreements

Video Installation
• Protect your business and assets with a professionally installed security system


Threat, Risk, Vulnerability Assessments
• Assess the security of your company’s physical and cyber infrastructure for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by criminals, foreign governments, disgruntled employees and other insider/outsider threats

Electronic Evidence Collection
• Collection of digital evidence from desktops, laptops and mobile phones. Digital and Cyber forensics, data loss recovery & investigation

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
• Checking your business for illegally placed technical surveillance devices, (e.g., “bug sweeps” and “debugging”). We use sophisticated & state of the art technical equipment in order to check your offices, conference rooms, boats, planes and cars from “bugs” placed by competitors, criminals or foreign actors.

• Active shooter and other Emergency Planning, Insider/Outsider Threat Awareness, Employee Security training, Active & Passive Security Measures


Turn-Key Security Solutions
• Comprehensive security plans for new business locations or redesign of current space in physical security, information security, personal security and crime prevention

Process Serving
• Service of complaints, subpoenas, summons, and other legal documents in New York and New Jersey

Glass Buildings