Asset Investigations
• Comprehensive asset analysis in preparation for civil or criminal cases

Background Investigations
• For the purposes of due diligence and impeachment, comprehensive background investigations on individuals and businesses with full criminal and financial checks
• Vetting of all parties connected to a Merger & Acquisition
• Vetting of all criminal and civil trial witnesses, including expert testimony witnesses

Contract Compliance
• Intellectual property usage, trademarks, activity checks, mystery shopping, enforcement and non-compete agreements

Domestic Investigations
• Infidelity, divorce, child custody, probate, locating witnesses, stalking and harassment


Judgement Recovery

• Comprehensive financial and asset investigations in order to recover lost or stolen assets or secure legal attachments through liens, levies or garnishments.    

Electronic Evidence Collection
• Collection of digital evidence from desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Digital & Cyber forensics, data loss recovery & investigations


Insurance Investigations
• Workers’ Compensation cases, premise liability claims, disability claims, wellness checks and insurance fraud cases


• 24/7 discreet surveillance with state of the art digital evidence

Process Serving

• Service of complaints, subpoenas, summons, and other legal documents in New York and New Jersey

Reviewing the Laws